What does membership mean?

There are two types of users on our forum. 

  1. Registered users - those that simpy register to use the forum 
  2. Donating Members - those that donate an annual amount to get extra benefits of membership. (currently donations are $10 annually, these are used to pay for website/forum expeneses, any extra money is used strickly for the donating membership body, (spring fling, fall crawl etc) no one here makes money off of membership donations) 

The benefits of becoming a "Donating Member" of ARROC are:

       1. Full access to the website (the member’s only section).
       2. Unrestricted participation to all trail rides.
       3. Voting rights on club business.
       4. Members Only access to Annual Spring Fling & Fall Crawl 

       5. Various Vendor Discounts.


How do I become a Donating Member?

  •  First and foremost this club is about off highway vehicle driving, members are highly encouraged to actively participate in trail rides, forum discussion, and special events (meet and greets, trail cleanups, community improvement, etc.).

    Our eligibility requirements are:

    1. Have an interest in four-wheel drive or other off road vehicles (Jeeps, trucks, etc.).
    2. Be at least eighteen (18) years old.
    3. Be sponsored by a Donating Member in good standing.
    4. Participate in at least two (2) trail rides, Clean-Ups/Events. (we wanna get to know you)

    The Process:

    1. Submit a completed application to one of the Admins. (can be found on the FORUM)
    2. Applications will be reviewed and voted on by the Donating Membership body
    3. An admin will notify the applicant directly as to his/her acceptance or rejection.
    4. Donations are payable to one of the Admins upon acceptance.

Do I have to drive a jeep to join?

  • No, all 4WD vehicles are welcomed.

I've got a stock jeep, will I be able to participate?

  • The trails we ride range from "very easy" (much of which can be driven in 2WD in a stock vehicle by a novice driver) to "extreme" (requiring highly-modified vehicles, experienced drivers, and spare parts). It's a good idea to contact the trail leader prior to the ride; tell him/her how your vehicle is equipped and what your experience is, and ask for their opinion on the relative difficulty of that trail.

what time do trail rides usually start? how long do they last?

Day rides usually depart for the trailhead from a designated meeting location at 9 a.m.  Please be gassed and ready to go at 9 a.m.  They usually last until early afternoon, depending on trail length and number of vehicles. 

do wives and kids usually participate in trail rides?

  • ARROC is definitely a family-oriented organization! Spouses, kids, and pets regularly participate in many of the events.   There are also numerous ladies in the Club who drive their own vehicles.  Hint: If your family only has one trail vehicle, allow (encourage) your significant other to drive part of the time!

what are the chances of my jeep getting damaged on a trail ride?

  • Although this depends on the difficulty rating of the trail, and how experienced (and lucky) you are, the chance of your vehicle sustaining some form of damage on any particular trail is very likely!  Even on trails rated as "Easy", you can expect scrapes, scratches, dings, dents, and possibly other stuff to happen to your vehicle.  This is not intended to scare anyone off, but our members regularly get questions from guests who want to know how their (fill in your type of vehicle) will do on such and such trail.  And then they get all pissed off when their shiny new (fill in your type of vehicle) accidentally slips off of a rock, hits a tree, and gets a dent!  Off-highway driving (just like highway driving) is associated with a certain amount of risk and there is no way for anyone to determine whether or not you or your passengers will be hurt, and/or your vehicle damaged. You are solely responsible for the safety of yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle.  If you do not feel comfortable with a particular obstacle on the trail, take the by-pass or turn around and go back!  If you are totally adverse to any trail damage whatsoever, don't even bother showing up!
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